Habitrail OVO Home Edition Pink

Brand: Habitrail
Product Code: Habitrail
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- A complete hamster habitat that consists of a transparent cage and accessories.

- This habitat includes a pink cage, a purple food dish, a purple cozy hideaway cube, 2 OVO pink windows, 2 OVO pink lock connectors, a purple OVO water bottle and a purple OVO trainer so you can watch your hamster spin around!

- The wide retractable roof provides easy access to your hamster and his habitat.

- The air vents provide air circulation while preventing drafts and the front and back locks will ensure your pet remains securely inside his home.

- Habitrail OVO Home's deep base design with rounded corners help prevent gnawing and make cleaning easy!

- Completely redesigned, re-tooled and reinvigorated, OVO brings even more interesting and entertaining venues in which hamsters can explore, burrow, snooze, exercise or simply chill out.