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Habitrail Adventure Pack
The Habitrail® OVO Adventure Pack lets your hamster roam to different hideaways. Your hamster can..
Habitrail Cristal Clear
Habitrail Cristal is a main habitat unit that serves as a safe and secure central living area for..
$45.00 $53.50
Habitrail Lock Connectors
The elaborate world of Habitrail® OVO consists of a variety main habitats, add-ons, trails, and c..
Habitrail Loft Set
Habitrail OVO Loft is a main habitat living space that provides an ideal home and play environmen..
$95.00 $104.85
Habitrail Mouse Kit
The Habitrail Mini main unit is the ideal mouse and dwarf hamster environment. It comes complete ..
Habitrail OVO Club Trainer
Dimensions: 5 X 5 X 9 inches The Habitrail OVO Trainer is for the consumer who wants to creat..
Habitrail OVO Cube
Up, Down, Left or Right • Insert multiple routes to your design so you can have your hamster ..
Habitrail OVO Elbow
Funny Bone • Allows you to give rounded corners to your design, so you can have your hamster ..
Habitrail OVO Home Edition Pink
- A complete hamster habitat that consists of a transparent cage and accessories. - This hab..
$52.00 $63.15
Habitrail OVO Maze-Pink
Includes: • Maze unit • Chewable Cardboard Maze • 1 Window • 1 Lock Connector ..
Habitrail OVO Tee
This Way or That Way? • Add an upward or sideway trail, or add a water bottle to your system...
Habitrail Ovo Tube 10"
Stretch it Out • The Habitrail® OVO 10" tube allows you to extend length to your design so yo..