Skin Care

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Absolute Plus Colloidal Silver
It is said that "every cloud has a silver lining." In this case the lining is literally made of silver. COLLOIDAL SILVER is a very important mineral supplement for maintaining the health your pets.  Absolute Plus Ultimate Colloidal Silver  , when used on a daily basis, could be a..
Beaphar Brewers Yeast Tablets (250 Tablets)
Beaphar Brewer Yeast Tablets with garlic are natural food supplements specially formulated for cats and dogs. It contains extra vitamins and minerals to help your pet maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat. These treats also contain garlic, which is well-known for its beneficial properties. ..
Beaphar Multi Vitamins Tablets TOP 10 Dog (180 Tabs)
Top 10 is a food supplement for dogs. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which promote vitality and strenghten a dog's physical condition. Top 10 encourages the natural development of bones and teeth of young dogs and ensures a glossy coat and bright eyes. In order dogs,..
Made in Canada.... A soothing and moisturising therapeutic cream enriched with certified organic ingredients for animals with skin problems. Effectively controls redness, itching, hot spots and flea allergy dermatitis. Safe for the environment . Hypo-allergenic. Biodegrad..