Great Boss and Groomer
U are a great boss and groomer..my hub, dad and I agreed that you have the calling. We hope your shop can go far
AVA New Ruling 2014
AVA New Ruling 2014-Yes Agnes screens customers to ensure they are responsible wayyyyy before this new rule was enforced!!
Trusted Petshop
Oh I always find you responsible cos I also remembered you asked me about owning the pet which I thought its different. Usually all other pet shop couldn't care less.
My trusted Petshop for door to door service :-)
Excellent services
Your excellent services is recognized. Therefore, we definitely will continue to support you all!
Healthy Pets
Both my guinea pigs doing gd =) the two pigges that I bought from you are excellent pets for me! Ollie lived to a ripe old age(6yrs) without needing vet much and Troy as well. wld def recomment neone gtg healthy piggies to go to you!
Honest & helpful Advices
visited the shop on a busy Saturday afternoon. Agnes had her hands full but was still able to answer all my doubts as I'm still a new bunny mummy. I got nearly everything there - I was given alot of. Time to browse the shop without anyone interfering in my purchasing decision, and was given honest and helpful advices well. Wonderful experience, and i have now found my go-to for pet supplies!
Fast service & reply
First time bought my guinea pig pellet, bedding and hays through fb and she deliver on sat! So the sec time i bought again and recommend my friend too! ^^ fast service with Polite and cheerful manner. And also always give me some free gift ^^ Thanks alot for their fast service and reply ^^
Kind and Helpful!
Agnes is a nice lady.. Nice chatting. And thanks to that older lady who lead me to the bus stop.. thanks to her.. shes a nice aunty! Kind and helpful person!
Reasonable price & good services
Can try Pets' Gantry for grooming. i brought my rabbits there for grooming... Reasonable price and gd service...
Thanks for always making my babies so nice and clean.. among all those grommers I met, u r the best in grooming for them... guess u really have alot of passion ~
Excellent Care & Grooming during Boarding!
My rabbit boarded at shop for 12 days while I was away. No problems on returning. Excellent care and grooming during his stay too! Thanks. Agnes!
Good Service & Product Knowledge!
Went there a few times, bought two of my guines pigs there. Their service is really good and good product knowledge :D
Will go there again :D
Prompt & Clear! Definitely visit again!
Owner was prompt and clear in confirming my orders before i went down to self-collect my items. She's helpfull and willing to share info on guinea pigs.
I'll definitely visit her shop again to stock up items.
Excellent service! very Patient Groomer!
They offered an excellent service, and also care for both my rabbits with nice grooming. One of my rabbits (Vivi) does not like to be handled a all unless you're extremely patient with her; and yet Agnes managed to convince my darling girl!
Best Price! Prompt Home Delivery!
Usually order my bunny's litter through them. They have one of the best price around for the litter+home delivery. Agnes is really efficient and friendly! She confirms the home delivery timing quickly and updates status via sms. Great service!
New Shop! Wide Range of Products!
Gotten my Popeye from them and I must say Agnes is really sweet, helpful and willing to share info. They have moved to a larger shop space with a gd range of pdts. Very clean too.
Gotten another piggie from Agnes, a Mini Sheba Yak named Ploy! Upz